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Our Executive Committee as of June 1, 2022

  • President: Anne Madden  (president@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Past President: Jim Seili (past
  • 1st Vice President:  Jim Seili (1stvice@staynerlegion.ca)
  • 2nd Vice President David Brown (2ndvice@staynerlegion.ca
  • Secretary: Bev Coutts   (bev@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Treasurer: Bev Coutts   (bev@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Sgt-at-Arms: David Gillis (sgt-at-arms@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Poppy Chairman: Ted William (poppy@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Entertainment:  Nordie Spagnolo (entertainment@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Sick & Visiting: Anne Madden (sick-visiting@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Ways & Means:  Stacy Peak (ways-means@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Youth & Education: Stacy Peak (youth_education@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Service Officer: Dave Brown (service@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Membership: Larry Fielding  (membership@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Sports Officer: Jamie Brown (sports@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Seniors: (seniors@staynerlegion.ca)
  • Chaplain: Dr. James Cooper (chaplain@staynerlegion.ca)

*If the Executive Member does not have an email, please send questions, comments or concerns to info@staynerlegion.ca